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Are tall men really more attractive for Women?

by FFE EU News Staff


Are tall men really more attractive for Women?

Find out the science behind men’s heights and attractiveness.


Is it a myth that women naturally go for taller men?


A fact that could support this notion lies in the presence of a certain gene among women. Dr Taru Tukiainen of the University of Helsinki in Finland says that the gene ‘ITM2A,’ an X chromosome gene which plays a role in cartridge development, is behind the height difference among men and women.


Since women have two X chromosomes while men only have one, their ITM2A genes are more active. He said ‘Because both copies of ITM2A remain active, the gene is expressed in higher levels in women.’


This higher expression of the ITM2A gene among women could mean that women are naturally and generally shorter than men. But where does the attraction come in? Experts say it all goes down to evolution and stereotypes.


Research by Polish anthropologist Dr Boguslaw Pawlowski says that women are pre-programmed to want men according to a strict height formula of 1.09:1. This means that for a woman who is 5ft 2in, her ideal man is 5ft 8in.


Pawlowski concludes that ‘Females prefer taller men. Taller men have higher social status, earn more and are at lower risk from illness. They also have better reproductive success, as do shorter women — so a male will look for a smaller female.’


A separate survey by British men’s clothing store High & Mighty supports this conclusion. According to their poll of 1,400 British women, 63% said they thought taller men were sexier. They also rated height as the third most important quality they want in a man behind sense of humour and kindness.


Psychologist Portia Hickey said that women have a tendency to describe their ideal man as taller than average. She said this is because women tend to associate taller men ‘with higher social and professional status as well as reproductive potential, making them seem more attractive.’


More than ½ of men polled, on the other hand, believe that height ‘made no difference to their attractiveness.’ It seems it all goes down to confidence, as ‘shorties’ like Jack Black, Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman are famous, successful and most importantly happy with their women.



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