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No task too small for UN food ambassador KC


KC Concepcion is rounding off her study break in the Philippines by fulfilling one noble humanitarian duty: helping poor children combat hunger.


The actress is in Leyte right now as the UN World Food Programme’s (WFP) Philippine Ambassador Against Hunger to assist in feeding under-nourished children who have been affected by typhoon Yolanda.


10apr14 KC Concepcion WFP 1

World Food Programme Facebook: ‘Today at Leyte, National Ambassador Against Hunger and award-winning actress KC Concepcion assisted in WFP’s Nutrition Programmes for children 6–59 months.’

10apr14 KC Concepcion WFP 2

@WFP_Philippines: ‘@kc_concepcion now helping feed children with food fortified with Micro-nutrient powder to help bridge nutrition gaps’


KC arrived in Tacloban City yesterday morning to conduct field visits in the town of Dulag. Her task is to oversee the distribution of micro-nutrient powders for children below 5. The actress also joined talks among the UN-WFP members, representatives from the local government unit, Social Welfare department (DSWD) and Disaster Office members on the UN’s commitment to help communities affected by the typhoon last year.


To cheer up the community, KC gave a song number and visited mothers who were comforted by the fact that she found the time to be with them:


10apr14 KC Concepcion WFP 3

@WFP_Philippines: ‘@kc_concepcion w/ a mother whose family was affected by #YolandaPH “Kumusta na po kayo?” “Mabuti po dahil sainyo.”’


During a gathering, KC said she was happy to be where she was at that moment and vowed that she ‘will forever be at your service.’


She also took the opportunity to thank everyone from around the world who continued to help the survivors of typhoon Yolanda: ‘Nagpapasalamat po ako sa lahat ng donors mula sa buong mundo. Kung wala po kayo, hindi po namin magagawa ang lahat ng ito.


Finally, KC addressed her kababayans and raised their spirits, saying ‘Dapat matutunan ng buong mundo kung paano nag survive at nagcope ang mga Pilipino.


10apr kc hunger 4

@xtina_ontherocks: ‘The Filipino smile says a lot about our resilience. Galing. Ang sarap makita ng mga smile ninyo, Tacloban.


In 2008, the WFP appointed KC to be their National Ambassador Against Hunger in the Philippines. The organisation felt that KC’s confidence and influence as a celebrity could help them boost awareness for their local humanitarian missions which are mainly funded by donors.


So far, KC has proven that their trust is not misplaced. Her assignments have included several trips to the conflict-riddled ARMM region in Mindanao and the poorest communities in Uganda, Africa, showing her bravery. She has also helped raised funds after typhoon Ondoy hit the country in 2009, and has remained a strong vocal supporter of WFP’s worldwide programmes.


KC’s fight to combat hunger has become a personal advocacy of six years. Her stamina and tireless dedication to the poor and the needy shows that, despite having perks as a famous public personality, no job is too small if it’s for a worthy cause.


What can you say about KC’s dedication to fight hunger? Share your thoughts below!





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