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Tech round-up: new things to do with Phones

Owning a smart phone just got more practical with these two apps and a new phone for the blind. Here’s a round-up of the latest advances in the world of mobile phones:


Phone for the blind

A 3D printed phone has just been developed in London that will help the blind keep in touch with friends and family. OwnFone has developed a screen-less phone with Braille buttons capable of making calls and saving contact numbers.


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The buttons are not limited to Braille codes as textured buttons can also be associated with certain contacts. Because the phones are 3D-printed, the company can customise phones depending on the needs of its user. Inventor Tom Sunderland said ‘If you’ve got poor eyesight you can make out the name in bold, but you can also associate names with textures.’


OwnFone sells these special phones for £60 through their website.


Design your Adidas with Instagram

Shoe giant Adidas will soon be launching a photo print app that will allow its users to print their Instagram photos on their ZX Flux trainers.


20may tech round up

‘The possibilities are limitless’ said Adidas.


Adidas announced that the app will soon be available for iPhone and Android in August this year: ‘Take the #zxflux to the next level with the ultra-innovative photo print app from #miadidas.’ Adidas is the first shoe company to offer customised photo printing to design trainers.


Try before you buy

No more spending on the wrong make-up as L’Oreal Paris’ new app Makeup Genius will let its users try their products virtually before buying them.

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Makeup Genius uses a snapshot of the user’s face to test out a colour or product to see if it matches. The user first selects shadow, lipstick and other make-up then applies them to 64 pre-mapped places on the face. The app works on all ethnicities and helps users try any colour in 400 lighting situations.


‘With this, they can scan the shelf and see the products on them and even move around to see different angles,’ one retailer said. Insiders predict that the app may be costly because of its detailed features.









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