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Nickname: Teddy

Place of Birth: Davao City, Davao del Sur

Current Residence: Sta. Cruz, Makati City

Nationality: Filipino

Social Media Account(s):

Twitter: teddy.casino





    > Develop a pro-Filipino and pro-people economy

  • > Pursue a program for genuine agrarian reform and cooperativization, modernization of agriculture, and industrialization.
  • > Adequate work and decent wages to the workers
  • > Greater access to social services such as education, health, housing, utilities and other needs. Environment 
      > Protection of the forests, seas, and bodies of water against massive exploitation and destruction especially by large commercial interests.
  • > Abrogate unequal agreements with the US, Japan and other nations.
  • > Uphold the right to self-determination of the BangsaMoro and indigenous peoples.

Promote nationalist and progressive culture 

    > Promote patriotic, pro-people, pro-environment, scientific, and progressive education and culture.

  • > Renounce colonial, corrupt, and decadent culture.

Women’s rights and gender equality 

    > Fight for gender equality and rights of women in all levels of governance and livelihood in society.

Peace process 

    > Advance the peace negotiations and the implementation of agreements between the government and the National Democratic Front and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

Good governance 

    > Fight for an honest and excellent public service that is accountable to the people.


<p style=”\”text-align:” center;\”=”"> (Source: UP sa Halalan 2013)



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