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The cast of ‘Be Careful With My Heart’ is not avoiding Richard Yap


By FFE Entertainment News staff

The popular Filipino TV series, ‘Be Careful With My Heart’ is now one of the most high-rated shows of all time. It stars Jodi Sta. Maria (Maya) as a humble housemaid who worked for Richard Yap ( Ser chief). The story revolves around a wholesome love story while instilling family values along the way. One of the cast is veteran actress Sylvia Sanchez who plays the role of Jodi’s mother, Aling Teresita.

In recent news, Sylvia Sanchez was rumored to have a feud with Richard Yap, saying that the cast avoids Richard Yap while shooting the show. Sanchez cleared out the rumors explaining that Yap is actually a nice person and the cast will never do that to him.

To clarify why she might have said that the cast is avoiding him. She narrated an incident when they had a shoot in Pila, Laguna, where Yap was mobbed by hoards of fans. In her interview, she said that the cast could not finish a scene because the fans just keep on mobbing Richard. (‘ayoko siyang makasama sa publiko, kasi mina-mob si Richard! “Doon sa Laguna, hindi kami makapag-take pag nandiyan si Richard’)So this mus have been misinterpreted as being a rift between Yap and the cast, but its not so. Its simply the fact that Richard Yap has lots of fans and that its hard to be around him when lots of people would like to be around him. Sanchez said that if they want to invite and hang out with Yap its better to do it in private places like their own homes than go out.

When asked to talk about the phenomenal success of the TV show she said that no one knew that this TV program would become a hit. In fact, no one really expected it to be a it. It just soared high in TV ratings and everybody in the sho is just thankful for the warm acceptance of the fans. Their director, Jeffrey Jeturian declared that ‘Be Careful With My Heart’ will be concluding this September with a romantic wedding.

However, Charo Santos-Concio, president and CEO of ABS-CBN, stated that the ‘Be Careful With My Heart’ will continue airing until Ser Chief and Maya will have grandchildren. If that happens, millions of fans will truly be happier than ever. Sylvia Sanches exclaimed, ‘If that happens, then I will have a steady pay, and a stable job!’ (“Pag magkatotoo kasi, forever meron akong suweldo, meron akong stable job!”)



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