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Thieves raid condoms but warned not to use Them

by FFE EU News Staff


condomA group of thieves from Aachen, northwest Germany ended up getting the short end of a stick after being given a warning by the company they stole from.


German condom company Ritex whose dispensing machine was blown up by thieves on Sunday sent a warning to the thieves not to use the compromised condoms.


The spokeswoman for Ritex said ‘The condom packaging is likely to have been damaged by the explosion. As soon as the packaging is damaged, the condoms are no longer safe.’


The condom machine was reported to have been blown up by the thieves overnight on Sunday. A resident nearby heard the loud bang around midnight and saw the damaged machine. Police could not estimate how many condoms were made off or the amount of cash taken from the machine.


Any person who may have knowledge about the incident is requested to contact Aachen Police on 0241 9577 31501.






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