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This road won’t lead to Rome

by FFE EU News staff

Photo source: Telegraph

In light of the festivities expected during the Christmas holiday, Rome’s mayor is thinking about closing a major road for pedestrians.

Mayor Ignazio Marino said that the road by the Colosseum and the Imperial and Roman Forum ruins may be completely transformed into a ‘street market’ of culture for travellers and tourists. Since August, the road has been closed to private vehicles; but trams, emergency vehicles and taxis were still allowed access.

The mayor said the complete blocking of the road is a possibility: ‘We are thinking about it. We are working on various projects to propose to Roman citizens and tourists who will come to visit the capital during the Christmas period.’

The partial closure has been received with outcry from shopkeepers and transport groups. Giuseppe Roscioli of the retail association Confcommercio said ‘A number (of businesses) have already closed. Others have transferred, and others are on the verge of doing so. Turnover has fallen 40-60% on this period last year.’

The mayor said the road will soon become exclusive to pedestrians, cyclists and government vehicles. 80% of residents in the area support the vehicle ban, which also aims to reduce soot build-up on the Colosseum’s walls.

According to the Superintendence of Archaeological Heritage, the Colosseum and surrounding destinations have also registered an increase in number of visits by 13% compared to the same time last year since the ban was imposed.



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