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Three technologies that will change the future of Travel

Modern technology is currently bringing virtual reality or computer-simulated reality one step closer to the public’s grasp. In a few years, it might be possible to enjoy the scenic views of far-flung destinations at the comfort of the home.


The Oculus Rift by Facebook-Oculus is one such technology. The Telegraph travel correspondent John O’Ceallaigh recounted how he was transported from dingy central London to a picturesque villa in Tuscany with just a click of Oculus Rift’s button.


However, travel search engine Skyscanner believes that the future of travel will not exactly replace human experience. Instead, it will aid travellers in many aspects of their itinerary, decreasing hassle and boosting the travel experience. With the way modern technology is making leaps and bounds today, the firm also believes that travel technologies will be a reality in 10 years.


Skyscanner took travel technology up a notch in its report ‘The Future of Travel 2014. The report paints a picture of voice-powered booking, instant language translations and microchips with three technologies that could be within everyone’s grasp in the next decade:

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1. Smart lenses. Skyscanner predicts that Google Glass will soon be outpaced with a more intelligent contact lens that could translate foreign languages in seconds. A microchip version could also be embedded in the body, minimising the risk of getting lost in crowds, especially for children.


Intelligent lenses are currently being tested as a tool for diabetes patients by Google.


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2. Travel buddies powered by artificial intelligence (AI). The report said that virtual companions could serve as local guides for travellers and could be offered by travel companies in their holiday packages. The AIs could also be updated to fit the user’s preferred characteristics, voice and face.


11APR14 Three technologies that will change the future of Travel 3 - SlideShow

3. One-stop-shop bookings. The public may soon own Siri-like super-assistants, allowing frequent travellers to book tailor-made trips within minutes. Semantic search engines will provide the AIs with an intuitive approach to traveller’s needs, helping them book their preferences instantly.


What do you think the future of travel would look like? Share your thoughts below.



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