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Tiger mosquito is not yet a resident, says Dutch public health body

An aggressive, day-time biting mosquito which can transmit some 20 viruses and parasites, has not made its home in the Netherlands, according to Dutch public health institute RIVM, despite earlier reports. The European centre for infectious diseases published a map earlier on Friday showing where the tiger mosquito can be found, and included several locations in the Netherlands. ‘It is not true to say the mosquito has established itself here,’ RIVM director Roel Coutinho told news agency ANP. ‘They have been found in the Netherlands but they are not here to stay.’ Wageningen University mosquito expert Bart Knols told local broadcaster Omroep Brabant the mosquito is not yet a resident. However, he said it is very likely it will become one unless tough import rules are introduced. The mosquito is thought to spread through bamboo imports and car tyres. © DutchNews.nl



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