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Tips to lead an active life with your Child

There’s a reason why the parents should be active role models for their kids. This is because children have the tendency to mimic what their parents do. If you’re the type of parent who spends a lot of time in front of the computer screen for work or the TV for fun, then chances are your child will do the same.


…and the consequences will not be bright for you and your child.


Lack of physical activity and sedentary behaviour has been related to many chronic illnesses and unhealthy conditions, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, cancer and obesity. These illnesses can easily be fatal if left unchecked. Fortunately for us, the ‘cure’ for sedentary behaviour is cheap and simple, and they can easily be passed on to our children.


Here are some activities we can do with our child that will keep us all on our toes:


Parent Taking Child To Pre School

1. Take your kids to school by walking or cycling. Get the chance to bond and enjoy the surroundings or meet neighbours in the process.


2. On holidays, help them build a tree house or den. Young kids who are beginning to taste the first signs of independence will want a space they can call their own. But they will need our help to nudge them toward the safe and right direction.



3. Get your kids a set of wheels… that is, skateboards, roller blades and roller skates. Scrapes and falls will be possible, so don’t forget to gear up your child with the proper safety equipment like helmets and pads. It is also important for us to teach our kids to skate only in safe places like parks or skating rinks.


4. Do a walking or running challenge together. Testing your mettle against other people in timed races is a good way to build camaraderie and team spirit while getting healthy in the process.



5. Take the dog for a walk and play catch or fetch in a park. This way, you’ll get your pet in good shape too.



6. Fitting your child into a regular exercise programme will seem too restrictive to them. The solution is to support them when they show any interest in sports.



7. Schedule a regular fitness day with your child that includes doing any sort of physical activity together for a number of times a week. This can be as simple as a light jog around the neighbourhood to as focused as a rock climbing session or Frisbee in the park.



8. Flying a kite is not only a leisurely experience. The minutes spent on running and standing to fly the kite is a great exercise for the body.



9. Beaches are not only great for relaxing. There are also plenty of sand activities you can do with your child like playing simple games, building castles, swimming and doing other beach sports.



10. Catch walking tours and travel to exotic places, experience history and nature in a whole new way with your child. Some walking tours are also rated per difficulty, allowing you to increase the intensity of the exercise in future walks.


Before choosing any of those possible activities listed, make sure it is an activity you and your child can enjoy doing together. The best motivation is fun, and if everyone involved in the activity is having fun, then it ceases to be routine and tiresome.


When we do these simple activities in the long run, what we as parents are imparting is teaching our kids a healthier lifestyle. Starting young can teach them consistency and discipline, two important ingredients in maintaining an active life.


So what are you waiting for? It all begins with you as a parent… so get off that chair and start changing your life and the life of your children today!





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