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Tony Calvento clears Vhong in new rape ‘blind Item’

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After model Kat Alano declared on air last month that she was raped 9 years ago by a known showbiz personality, some people couldn’t help but link the story to Vhong Navarro, who is still facing two rape charges related to his mauling accident last January.


Alano has never dropped her rapist’s identity. But she has been posting ‘blind item’-like tweets on her account alluding to her rape. Considering how the timing of her posts coincided with Vhong’s mauling accident, it is easy to understand that many people are now speculating about Vhong’s possible connection to the story.


However, there is no proof that links this new rape issue to Vhong and insisting on a connection without waiting for basis is misleading and malicious.


As renowned media man and investigator Tony Calvento clarified in his Facebook post, ‘speculation’ has ‘no credence or little weight’ in the eyes of justice. He cleared Vhong from the issue by saying:


5may calvento vhong rape



The journalist also slammed Alano as ‘[trying] to get into the picture para mapag-usapan,’ considering the timing of her expose and the vague contents of her tweets.


Still, Alano’s consistent posts and her serious demeanor could suggest a truth behind her expose, that is, she was indeed raped.  A new and shocking debate might however spark once people find out what show she co-hosted in 2005–2006. But unless she tells all, her rape allegation will remain a whodunit case that the public may easily overlook once it vanishes from entertainment spotlights.



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