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Train strike might derail your holiday in Sweden

11jun sweden rail strike



Swedish railway union Seko is threatening to bring their labour strike to Stockholm and extend it until Midsummer’s Eve on 20 June, a drastic measure that could ruin holidays.


Seko press contact Erik Sandberg commented ‘Our negotiators have not had any progress so far, so we have had to extend our measures and take bigger action.’ The strike that began in southern Sweden on 2 June has so far left 75,000 passengers stranded, cost 15 million kronor ($2.2m) per week, increased traffic in Öresund bridge by 20% and cost 30 train café workers their jobs.


Sunday’s talk between Seko and employers’ organization Almega and the railway workers’ employer Veolia broke down after Seko rejected the unsatisfying suggestions. Seko is demanding that Veolia:

  • limit the number of temporary workers it hires
  • automatically promote temporary workers to a permanent position after 1 year


Sandberg said that Almega and Veolia’s offers ‘were not serious and so they were turned down immediately.’ Seko now plans to go on strike on 20 June Midsummer’s Eve starting 3am in Stockholm.


Meanwhile, Almega public relations officer David Wästberg lambasted Seko’s threat as ‘remarkable and frivolous: We have invited them to new negotiations and they have said no. We’ll wait and see if we can move on after today or if they’ll slam that door, too.’


The strike originated from Seko’s allegation that Veolia fired 250 full-time railway workers only to hire them again as on-call employees paid by the hour. 1,260 workers employed by Veolia are currently affected by the strike.



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