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Transgender father should be a Mother

transgenders baby boy


After having gone through sex change, a transgender man from Berlin surprisingly gave birth to a baby boy on March 18, 2013.

After a year long legal battle for the female transgender to be declared the father, the judge of the Schoneburg court has finally ruled that the 31-year old man who gave birth must be recorded as the baby’s mother despite the sex change.

According to the judge, the ‘mother’ who is legally a man is not a basis for decision. Having given birth physically to the baby still makes him a mother although he is a man by law. The court’s decision was supported by councillor Falko Lieke of the CDU Neukolln district saying that it is egotistical to keep the child from knowing the truth because the child will soon find out about his real mother.


In spite of the sex change and taking hormone treatment for several years, the baby’s father has kept his female sexual organs which enabled him to become pregnant.  After giving birth, he insisted that his name should be registered on the baby’s birth certificate as the father. Since April, the man’s pregnancy that was made possible thru sperm donation has been a hot issue of public debate.


In September, Heinz-Jürgen Voß, a biology and sex researcher told the the Berliner Morgenpost newspaper that whatever is the gender of the registered parent should not be considered very vital. He added that ‘”A transgender person having children is not problematic. Why is the sex asked on every form? The problem is this classification. Why isn’t the name enough?”



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