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Travel Duo Christmas Special: Tagaytay City

Mabuhay! Kumusta kayo? That means ‘how are you’ in Tagalog. Since it’s already Christmas, we decided to go on an adventure in one of Luzon’s favourite Christmas destinations: Cavite! More specifically, we’re talking about Tagaytay City, one of the most accessible tourist spots from Manila.


Why is Tagaytay City a Christmas destination? It’s mostly because of the cool weather that hugs the city whenever December comes around. Tagaytay is in an elevated area, allowing it to have a cooler climate than the rest of Cavite province.


Filipinos who have grown tired of the hot and humid weather in lowland regions head to Tagaytay to feel cold fresh air. Because of the natural cool weather, Filipinos also feel closer to having a ‘winter’ Christmas, something we always have in Europe.


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Aside from Tagaytay’s Christmas offerings, we’ll also talk about some of the things not to be missed by first-timers in the city. By what we experienced, Tagaytay also has a lot of merits outside the holiday season.


Are you excited to read what Tagaytay has to offer to you? We are excited to share them too!


Christmas specials


Christmas Village, Crosswinds Resort Suites

Christmas Village, Crosswinds Resort Suites


Christmas Village is a special area inside the Crosswinds Resort in Tagaytay. Christmas Village has two top destinations: Santa House and the Christmas Store. Santa’s House is exactly what children imagine Santa’s house would be… full of toys! We channeled our inner children when we visited Santa’s House and played with the toy instruments in one corner of the house. Christmas Store has many Santa-themed gifts and souvenirs like snow globes, giant candy cane socks, miniature houses and more. We bought candy cane socks, one each, just in case Santa decides to make an appearance in Cousin Mario’s apartment in Makati.


Crosswinds Resort Suites itself is a Swiss-themed luxury resort complete with pine trees and exotic architecture. It’s unlike other villas in the Philippines because it has a lot of greens, and we could really smell the fresh scent of pine cones around us. We also felt a bite of the cold here. No wonder many Filipinos love to stay in Tagaytay! Not only does it mimic the feel of European climate, it also looks and smells almost like Switzerland!


Sky Ranch

Sky Ranch


This is where we stayed during our vacation in Tagaytay. We think we did make a great choice because the rooms were spic-and-span, the service very professional and the overall experience quite luxurious!  There’s also a swimming pool in the area… of course we didn’t fail to take a dip in the cold!


Sky Ranch

Sky Ranch


Sky Ranch is a park with many rides and activities for adults and kids. There are rides here like their new Ferris wheel, the Sky Eye. We loved the Sky Eye because we got to see the famous Taal volcano and the rest of the city from a majestic vantage point of 63 metres in the air! Sky Ranch is also peppered with costumed Christmas characters that appear out of nowhere to spread the joy of the season. Kids will love to have their pictures taken with these bubbly characters all around the park.


Apart from these attractions, the park will also hold fireworks displays every Saturday of the month at 7pm. Watching the sky light up at the backdrop of the lighted Ferris wheel was beautiful. If any of you are visiting Tagaytay this Christmas, we advise you to schedule your visit to Sky Ranch on a Saturday so you won’t miss the fireworks.


Since early December, Sky Ranch has also started a Christmas Special for visitors in the park. The prizes include ride-all-you-can tickets and gift packs. The rules for the competition are in the park’s website.




What do you think of our picture for the competition?


Restaurant Verbena, Discovery Country Suites

Restaurant Verbena, Discovery Country Suites


Restaurant Verbena in Discovery Country Suites is offering a Christmas holiday menu this month, and we were able to taste the best Tagaytay has to offer in terms of luxury food. We learned that the restaurant only used products from Tagaytay, so that was a pretty amazing fact considering the food were all very appetizing and we actually miss its taste! We had Wagyu cutlets, scallops and agnolotti with bacon (we had to have the bacon!). We loved the scallops best because the dish tasted very fresh and we’ve grown to love seafood since coming here in the Philippines. For dessert, we ordered pumpkin cheesecake. True, the word ‘pumpkin’ didn’t really ring a good note in our ears. But it was cheesecake, and we loved it and advise you not to miss it if you’re visiting Tagaytay. Their menu is only until January next year!

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