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Travel expectations for 2014

by FFE News Staff


Condé Nast Traveller is anticipating some changes in next year’s travel climate. What would these be? Here are some predictions for 2014 travel year:


Flights within the US will be cheaper. Corporate competition is forcing airlines to push their fare rates down. Mergers may just balance out this decline in rates, so expect a lot of changes in prices.




Flights to Europe will remain the same. As it is, flights to Europe are expensive for travellers outside of the region. FareCompare says the cheapest will be Germany, Ireland and Spain while the most expensive will be France, Italy and the Netherlands.


Travellers will be foodies. Most travels next year will focus on food. New food meccas will also rise next year like Scotland, Australia and Georgia. A global obsession of exotic cuisines and fresh produce from different countries will prompt this global migration of foodies.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


South America will be a top destination. The World Cup in Brazil and the Summer Olympics of 2016 will create a buzz for South America. Peru will also be a big draw for foodies, and Chile will see a boost in travellers because of the growth of new hotels.
Europe’s rivers will draw more travellers. Just this year, 15 new ships were launched, and this trend isn’t seeing any end next year. Twenty-five are slated to embark on Europe’s rivers next year, which may also prompt discounts and deals from competing liners.




2014 will be Africa’s time. The safari industry of Africa will draw more families into the region. Kids will especially be the country’s top visitors as safaris take on a more educational leaning.
Homes will attract more travellers than hotels. As hotels scramble to train their employees on the art of hospitality, vacation homes will see an influx of guests wanting privacy and a taste of the local flavour.
Hotels will be more photogenic. Hotels will start talouring their locations to suit Instagramers who are always looking for unique visual experiences. Hotels will also be more sociable online, allowing travellers to connect and even win prizes.
Hotels will have office spaces. Many hotels are increasingly seeing the potential of growing with the business sector by renting out their meeting rooms into overnight offices for mobile businesses.
Hotels will be more personal. To attract more travellers away from vacation homes, more hotels will be giving their guests the VIP in personal treatment. Just some services to look out for are meditation programmes for the stressed-out traveller and a special wine service.



More hotels and cruise lines will offer free Wi-Fi. As the world is becoming more and more connected through the internet, hotels and cruise lines will finally buckle in and join the free Wi-Fi bandwagon. Hotels which are also already plugged in are competing to get the fastest access for their guests.
Comfortable flights will be more common. Airlines are adopting new measures to improve their services to beat out competition. For example, British Airways is adopting a new ingredient to improve their inflight meals.




More travellers to spend longer layovers. Tour company Cox & Kings has reported that more and more travellers are booking longer layovers internationally. Mileage users booking international flights also have fewer chance of booking non-stop flights. Some great destinations that are easy to book as layovers include London, Paris, Zurich and Istanbul.
Many travellers will start their trips with visual itineraries. Timelines of photos featuring activities and to-do lists will be a craze for travellers next year. These visual pin boards will help travellers build an itinerary for their trip and allow collaborators to recommend other activities to add.


What is your prediction for the coming travel year? Share your thoughts by commenting below!





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