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Travel Tip: What luggage should I Use?

Filipinos are extensive travellers. History has shown us that our ancestors are one of the best seafarers in our region, trading with ancient kingdoms in around Asia. Fast forward to the 21st century and Filipinos can still be found around the world, from our Southeast Asian neighbours to the Middle East countries and Europe.


However, years of experience in travelling doesn’t simply prepare a lot of us for the most crucial aspect of a long-haul voyage: packing.


Many Filipinos manage to start the business of packing with an organised list of essential items. But soon they find themselves desperate for more luggage space to carry those outgrown clothes for nieces or nephews, gifts for brothers and sisters, chocolates for distant relatives and knick-knacks for friends and neighbours.


At this point, luggage space becomes a precious commodity. In addition, owning the wrong luggage may mean having to deal with broken or stiff wheels, back-breaking walks around the airport, and damaged bags. But this desperation can be eliminated if you’re well-equipped for the journey home. How can you better prepare for packing? Simple: by getting a good suitcase to fit all your needs.


Types of luggage





Backpacks are very common travelling bags. They can be stored conveniently in a cabin. But their size limits the number of items you can carry home with you. In addition, they have to be carried on the back, which means that the traveller is also limited by the weight he or she can carry. Bigger hiking bags are a favourite among Filipinos who are able to pack less and carry all their items on their back.


soft bags

Soft bags


Soft bags with wheels and a retractable handle are the most common choice of wheeled luggage. Soft bags come with plenty of compartments inside and outside the bag that make them convenient for travellers who want to organise their items better. The material of soft bags is not easy to tear, but they are prone to scratches. In addition, all the outer compartments must be locked to secure the items inside them.


hard case bags

Hard-case bags


Unlike soft bags, there won’t be issues with scratches on hard-case bags. They can also withstand the jostling inside airplanes and in the luggage carting process. They, however, have fewer compartments than soft bags. Travellers who want to make their bags more organised should buy individual containers to separate their belongings.


duffel bags

Duffel bags


Duffels bags are long, cylindrical bags that come without a frame. This means that travellers won’t be limited to packing items following the shape of the bag. They only have to fill in up to capacity to make the most out of the space of the bag.


This type of bag usually comes with a handle and a shoulder strap. However, there are also duffel bags that come with wheels, back pack straps and a retractable handle. This makes them very versatile as a travel bag. However, compartments are very much limited compared to soft bags.


spinner bags

‘Spinner’ bags


Most travel bags with two wheels have to be tilted at an angle to be pulled across the airport. But there are four-wheel bags nowadays with wheels that can rotate 360°. These are called spinner bags and may be pulled across the floor without tilting them at an angle.


Spinner bags come in soft and hard-case and are more convenient to maneouver than two-wheel bags. They also retain the weight of the items at the centre of the bag, whereas two-wheel bags put pressure on the handle, frames and wheels of the bag whenever they are tilted, damaging them in the long run.


Unlike two wheel bags or duffels where you still have to carry a part of the bag’s weight, spinner bags conveniently settle on the floor, leaving you to only push or pull to move them. However, they are more expensive than their counterparts.


luggage suitcases

Luggage suitcases


This boxy luggage is usually smaller than its counterparts. Like soft bags, it has plenty of compartments inside. Like hard-case bags, the suitcase luggage can also withstand jostling and rough handling during the luggage carting process. However, you must be ready to carry its full load since they often come equipped with just handles. Modern versions that have straps and wheels which allow you to pull them along the floor are also available, but may prove difficult to maneouver in a crowded airport.

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