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Travellers to Italy warned about laws

Britain’s foreign office has warned residents of some of Italy’s local laws. It also warned the public of the possibility of being arrested or detained abroad if travellers bend the rules.

Playing bingo, buying counterfeit goods from street sellers and failing to validate a ticket before boarding a train, bus or tram is prohibited.

Feeding birds in the famous St Mark’s Square can also get travellers fined for up to €580. Visitors eating snacks while resting on the steps of historic monuments and buildings is also not allowed.

St. Mark’s Square

Visitors on a return trip who unintentionally drive in a ZTL or limited traffic zone in any town or city in Italy will also receive a steep fine through their address some time after the offence.

Charles Hay, the director of consular services for the UK foreign office, said that travellers often forget that local laws also apply to them and that many Brits think their passports are a “get out of jail free card.”

He added that while the consular staff always assists British nationals abroad, they could not interfere with another country’s legal processes. He also advised travellers to research the country they are visiting before they travel.

Country-specific laws and customs can be found at http://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice.



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