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Travelling in the Philippines: Fundamental Qualities of a Good Hotel you need to check out

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Comfort is always our priority in choosing comfortable accommodations. Whether it is for business or leisure, we all prefer an accommodation that can cater to our needs and budget – especially now that we are more sensitive about value for money. Regardless if it is a luxury or standard hotel, many of us are critical about getting the proper service and facility we paid for.

There are fundamental and important components of an accommodation that we should check or take into consideration when choosing a place to stay. Being aware of these allow us to identify which hotels and resort accommodations are worth every cent, and, ultimately, worth coming back to.

Customer Service

We enjoy royal treatment when travelling and staying in a hotel. We like the idea of being pampered, that the quality of the customer service is more important to many of us over the place’s facilities and the amenities it offers.

According to the reviews of first time and seasoned travelers, what they consider important in any accommodation are a hospitable staff, the availability of staff for any inquiries or concerns even at the wee hours of the morning, promptness during airport pickups and transfers, and efficiency during check in and check out.

In most reviews of hotels and resort accommodation, travelers give top priority to the quality of service. A common complain of many guests is how check-in in their hotel was slow even if they had already pre-booked, pre-paid the room, and even arrived late in the afternoon.

In the Philippines, the Department of Tourism (DOT) has a set of rules and regulations that govern the accreditation of accommodation establishments. It says that all kinds of accommodations should employ a professionally qualified, highly trained, experienced, efficient and courteous staff. Accommodations should provide 24-hour front office, medical, and security services equipped with professional staff.


As travelers, we prefer hotels that are accessible or near entertainment, transportation, and lifestyle hubs because we do not want to waste time and money. Locations that are far from the city centre can mean additional transportation costs to our budget. Although some hotels and resorts provide free shuttle services, long travels can be just as exhausting and stressful too.

If accommodations are located near entertainment hubs like bars or karaoke joints, hotel and resort management should be able to provide noise-free rooms. According to one guest review, the unhappy guest had sleepless nights because of the loud music played by a nearby nightclub.

DoT’s rules and regulations for hotels state that the locality and environs shall be suitable for a very good hotel or international standards (if it is a de luxe or first class hotel). The architectural features and general construction of the building shall also be of very good standard. For resort accommodation, it states that resorts should be situated in a suitable location free of noise, atmospheric and marine pollution.


We all find comfort and security in a well-kept and clean environment. To us, clean surroundings suggest that our health and welfare are prioritized by the hotel or resort management. Of great importance are the toilets and bathroom, and mattresses and beddings. Check if you can, if the hotel management has an efficient inspection program. If they do, it assures you of a consistently cleaned lodging.

According to one traveler’s review, his stay at one particular economy hotel in the mountainous province of Benguet gave him a massive skin problem. The itching and reddening of his skin were caused by bed bugs and insect bites from unchanged bed sheets. He never returned to that hotel nor recommended it to anyone. Yes, it was an economy accommodation but it still did not follow the rules demanded by the DoT.

DoT stresses that housekeeping and cleanliness shall be of the highest possible standard. The general rule for all kind of hotels dictates that there shall be plentiful supply of linens, blankets, towels, etc., which shall be of the highest quality and shall be spotlessly clean. The linens, blankets and towels shall be changed daily. Laundry and dry cleaning services should also be available in the establishment. All public and private rooms shall have superior quality carpeting which shall be well kept at all times.

Spacious and furnished Rooms

We want rooms where we are able to move freely and be comfortable in. We all like spacious rooms that can accommodate our families, friends, and even huge luggage (since many of us are pack rats!) Accommodations that provide us proper air-conditioning, lighting, and other furnishings that keep us so relaxed and entertained that, sometimes, we do not even want to leave our rooms.

According to a review from a seasoned traveler, she called her hotel room so “modern and cleanâ€Â that it made her feel safe. She even praised the amazing high-tech television and the floor to the ceiling windows.

Since travelers need an adequate or luxurious space to unwind, DoT’s rules and regulations state that all rooms must have bathrooms, which shall be equipped with showers and fittings of good standard with cold running water on a 24-hour basis and running water at selected hours. Rooms should each have a telephone, cold drinking water and glasses too. Room service shall be provided at selected hours. All guest rooms shall have furniture of very good standard and design; floors shall have good quality carpets; walls shall be well furnished and drapes shall be well tailored and of good material; Lighting arrangements and fixtures in the rooms and bathrooms shall be well-designed ensuring complete satisfaction functionally. Information Materials such as room tariffs shall be prominently displayed in each bedroom plus prominent notices for services offered by the hotel, including food and beverage outlets and hours of operation, fire exit guidelines and house rules for guests.

Other components and qualities make a good hotel or resort accommodation. You might even have your own set of standards! Whatever they may be, make sure to include them when looking for the hotel or resort you think on using for your holiday . If you cannot satisfactorily find information, read genuine reviews of the hotel or resort accommodation.




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