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No more tricornio hats in Spain’s Carnival

by FFE EU News Staff


No more tricornio hats in Spain’s Carnival

Interior Ministry bans the use of the Civil Guard’s uniform among ordinary citizens.


Celebrating Carnival Festival in Spain is usually marked with flair by wearing a caricature costume of the Civil Guard’s uniform.


Ordinary citizens either stitch their own or rent costumes of the Civil Guard’s green uniform and their iconic tricornio hat during the festivities, making them a very common sight on the streets and in parades. Some even exaggerate and accessorise with false beards and moustaches, dark glasses and by walking and standing in a macho stance linked to the Spanish military police force.


But the Ministry of the Interior has finally put its foot down on the practice by announcing it is banning ordinary citizens from wearing the uniform. In a statement on Tuesday, it said the uniform was now for ‘the exclusive use of current or retired members of the force.’ The tricornio is also banned from use by anyone ‘outside the Armed Institute.’


The caricature Civil Guard costumes have often been worn by satirists on comedy shows.



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