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Two men get away with bottom-grabbing in Sweden

Two men get away with bottom-grabbing in Sweden

Women fined for slapping bum pinchers too hard.


One woman in southern Sweden had been fined for assault for slapping a man too hard across the face. But that was after the man allegedly pinched her buttocks.


The man denied the bottom-grabbing allegation and, on his defence, claimed feeling dizzy after the blow. Both victim and accused were acquaintances.


The court ruled in favour of the man and said that being pinched in the bum was not counted as an emergency situation and did not deserve a slap. The lady was convicted of assault and fined 1,000 kronor.


This is not the first time a Swedish court tried a woman for assault after being pinched by a man on her buttocks. Around summer of 2012, a 23-year-old woman from Lund slapped a man’s face at Glorias nightclub, breaking his nose in the process.


The Lund District Court ruled that the man seriously provoked the woman, but said that her actions were not considered self-defence. She was fined 2,500 kronor in addition to 1,860 kronor in damages to the man, who had initially asked 25,000 kronor for the injuries he sustained.


The woman’s sexual assault case was dropped due to lack of evidence, which made her lament ‘This goes to show that it’s okay for guys to grab girls any way they want.’



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