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Typhoon Yolanda creates buzz in storm surge Protection

by FFE PH News staff

Typhoon Yolanda creates buzz in storm surge Protection

The dangers of storm surge were raised during the public hearing of Manila Goldcoast Development Corporation’s application for an environmental compliance certificate for the 148-hectare reclamation project in Manila Bay. Following the destruction of Tacloban City by super typhoon Yolanda, storm surge has become a concern among meteorologists and engineers.


According to environmental consulting firm DHI Singapore, coastlines can be resilient to storm surges ‘If reclamation is done properly.’ The firm was hired by Goldcoast to assess the impact of reclamation and to create solutions that will prevent flooding and storm surges.


However, University of Illinois Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences professor emeritus Kelvin Rodolfo, PhD, said that there is no sufficient data yet that may help in the construction of appropriate coastline defences.


He added ‘How can you properly engineer if you don’t know the forces you are trying to contain?


‘Even if you know now what you’re up against, what is it going to be like 20 or 30 years from now?’


The professor added that typhoons are also increasing in strength year after year. He warned ‘The problem is, they’re thinking of profits and not concerned with what happens afterwards. They don’t care about the potential loss in lives.’


Meanwhile, Manila Archbishop Luis Cardinal Tagle stressed the need for good governance when it comes to using resources for the common good. He said ‘It’s not enough that a project is done for the profit of a few, for the interest of the few.’



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