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Vatican reveals St Peter’s Remains

by FFE Entertainment News staff


For the first time, St Peter’s remains were put on display in Vatican on Sunday. The occasion marked the end of the Catholic Church’s ‘Year of Faith.’


Archbishop Rino Fisichella said that the bones were traditionally ‘recognised as those of the apostle who gave his life for the Lord.’ The remains were blessed by Pope Francis during a ceremony in St Peter’s square.


The identity of the remains itself is still a scientific mystery, although the Vatican had long recognized them to be the apostle’s and hidden them away inside the Holy See.


Tradition says that St Peter was martyred in A.D. 64 in Rome. His tomb on Vatican Hill became a popular pilgrimage site among early Christians. The Christian emperor Constantine then built a basilica in honour of the apostle in the 4th century.




In 1939, an archaeological dig was started on the site. Pope Paul VI then declared in 1968 that the bones found on the site were identified ‘in a manner which we believe convincing.’


According to Vatican analyst John Allen, belief that the remains were indeed St Peter’s was a matter of faith. He said ‘Like other famous relics, such as the Shroud of Turin or the Belt of Mary, they evoke awe and devotion regardless of their actual provenance.


‘Faith, as the Bible puts it, lies in “the evidence of things not seen.’



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