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I received an email from one of my dear readers a few days ago.

 Hi Tita Kathy!

I have been following your column for a while now and I am so thankful you have been featuring many of our all-time favourite Filipino dishes! However, may I ask for more vegetarian recipes? You see, I want to introduce Filipino food to my Swiss husband but he is vegetarian, and I do not want to serve him Filipino style salads only L I hope you can give me some yummy Filipino vegetarian recipes for him to try!


  • Jinkee Eschmann
  • Zurich, Switzerland

Thank you for your letter and support Jinkee! A common misconception about vegetarian dishes is that they are limited to salads, but vegetarian dishes can be just as tasty as other non-vegetarian dishes! You can actually use the same recipes for meat dishes by replacingit with vegetables instead. Have you ever heard of vegetable lasagnas? Tofu kebabs? These are delicious! But since Jinkee requested for Filipino vegetarian dishes for her hubby, here are some recipes to guide her and all of you.

PS I added some optional seafood ingredients in some of the recipes in case some of you are pesco-vegetarians (consumes seafood and vegetables).


Your Tita Kathy,






Monggo Soup





Tortang Talong






Chop Suey



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