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Vice Ganda and Karylle spat has got fans Buzzing

Vice Ganda and Karylle spat has got fans Buzzing

Karylle’s fiancé allegedly insults Vice Ganda.


The tampuhan between ‘It’s Showtime’ co-hosts Vice Ganda and Karylle has taken a turn for the worse after an alleged comment dropped by Karylle’s fiancé and Spongecola frontman Yael Yuzon.


According to Vice Ganda in an interview, Karylle told It’s Showtime director Bobet Vidanes she was avoiding the crew because her fiancé Yael was offended by the ViceRylle (Vice and Karylle) love team. The root of the offence seems to come from the fact that Karylle had been paired up with the openly gay Vice Ganda. Vice added that Yael was so upset he’d rush to the set to confront the crew.


It’s Showtime regularly pairs up its hosts for performances and skits. Vice and Karylle have long been paired up, and many fans have grown to love the creative and funny tandem.


Vice Ganda and Karylle spat has got fans Buzzing


Vice Ganda said that she has already moved on from the issue. But since the spat escalated with Yael’s comment, fans are stepping in to support the 37-year-old comedian:


@satycat said ‘Na-disaapoint ako ky yael yuzon. idol ko pa nmn cya. so sad nagka-lamat ang  friendship nina vice and karylle dhl lang s mababaw n dhilan.


@OLAJajaPar said ‘Vice Ganda we are with your 100%!your our queen so them haters just back off especially Yael Yuzon-yourmorefamous NA!#ItsShowtime’ and ‘I hope yael Yuzon will look up the definition of what’s “real” and “reel”’


ViceRylle fans are disappointed with the deepening spat between their favourite tandem, and they are blaming Yael for the current demise of the love team. @darylblake09 said ‘Yael Yuzon broke the heart of the fans of the loveteam Vicerylle! Tss.’


Not everyone in social media, however, is taking sides:


‘Yael Yuzon haters. Oh my!! Hayaan nalang naten sila. Lalong nasisira ang relationship ng tatlo dahil sa comments ng netizens eh. #realtalk’ said @EllaX44


Yael’s fan group @weloveyouYAEL also took a neutral stand and addressed Vice fans, saying ‘We support Yael, you support Vice. That’s it. Bakit pa tayo makikisali sa “feud” nila? Di ba pwedeng hayaan na lang natin sila ayusin yun?


Many are worried that the continuing social media bashing of Yael will further muddle the friendship between Vice Ganda and Karylle. Karylle’s mother Zsa Zsa Padilla also seemed to share her distress over the issue with this Instagram post:


Vice Ganda and Karylle spat has got fans Buzzing

‘I am troubled by all the news I have been hearing.’


Karylle earlier announced that she and Yael will marry next month. But will the current spat between her friend and her fiancé have a bearing on her future?


What do you think about the spat between Karylle and Vice Ganda? Share your thoughts below.



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