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Vilma Santos on son Luis getting back with Angel Locsin

Vilma Santos has been keeping mum ever since her son Luis Manzano officially got back together with Angel Locsin. But a recent Instagram post by Luis may just say it all:


Vilma Santos on son Luis getting back with Angel Locsin

“Having dinner with these 2 lovely ladies, the mommy and the girlfriend @therealangellocsin”


Angel herself is very happy with how her love life is going and  started her March by putting her best foot forward with Luis and his family: mum Batangas Governor Vi, step father Senator Ralph Recto and half-brother Ryan Christian.


Vilma Santos on son Luis getting back with Angel Locsin

“finally, a day off! (Half day off pero keri na!:p) dinner with my awesome boyfriend’s family❤ I missed them soo much! Thanks Love ko @luckymanzano”


Angel had always been close to Luis’ mum even through the couples’ break-up.  Ate Vi has been very vocal in previous interviews about her being fond of Angel as Luis’ girlfriend.


Governor Vi has always been a caring and very demonstrative mother to Luis never holding back how she feels towards her son. Luis in turn is unabashed as he shares to the world how his mum shows her love to him.

Vilma Santos on son Luis getting back with Angel Locsin

“Got to love how my mom texts me ;) i love you momski!”


Speaking of his son’s career, Vilma has recently put her foot down on the prospect of Luis entering politics. Though he is living with a family of politicians (his dad actor Edu Manzano also has a political career: he served as Vice Mayor of Makati City until 2001 and ran as Vice President in 2010), Vilma said her son is not ready for it, adding ‘If [Luis] decides to run for a position, I will send him to school first just like how Senator Ralph Recto told me to do.’


As for her, the award-winning actress-turned-politician said she wants to retire from politics by 2016. Vilma believes she had already served enough as former mayor of Lipa City and governor of Batangas: ‘The mere fact that the people of Batangas, known as “barakos,” trust a woman, that they believe in me and follow my orders — that’s priceless.’


This announcement goes against rumours which said current Vice President Jejomar Binay is eyeing her as his running mate for the 2016 Presidential Elections.


Vilma said ‘I want to have time for myself too. I’m not getting any younger.’


What do you think about Vilma’s closeness to son Luis and his girlfriend Angel? Share your thoughts below!



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