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Violence and sex: Denmark’s plan to boost Voters

13may voteman denmark


Call it genius or downright vulgar, the Danish raunchy cartoon featuring Voteman is here to stay until 25 May.

The Parliament-approved ad was made to entice more people to the polls in the upcoming EU Parliamentary Elections of 25 May. EU Election Co-ordinator Martin Jørgensen himself defended the cartoon, as it is ‘first and foremost intended to draw attention to the election and the date.’


The cartoon features the muscular superhero Voteman who sets out to sling men and women to the polling stations, saying ‘You’ve gotta vote.’ But before that, the cartoon depicts Voteman killing people using Chinese death stars, getting a blowjob from five women and throwing out a couple having missionary-style sex out the window.
Parliament Chairman Mogens Lykketoft explained ‘We are trying to inspire the very young. A high turnout is important, so you use every method you can.’


He also insisted that the video was ‘innocent’ and that people ‘can find much worse.’


Apparently, the cartoon’s goal of arousing curiosity has been successful as the video has slowly been generating online buzz since Monday.





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