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Want to try a no-shoe policy at Home?

We are the king or the queen of our own home. However, when it comes to imposing a barefoot-only indoors rule, we may not always have the last say.


The great no-shoe policy has been a subject of debate in many households because of issues of privacy and preference. Many apply the no-shoe policy because of the promise of a neat and germ-free home. But plenty of people still think twice before peeling off their socks or leaving their shoes at the front door.


Where do you stand? Here are a few things that may help you choose your side:




Cleaner indoor space. Dust and dirt naturally stick on our shoes everywhere we go. It’s not surprising that some of them end up on our rugs and floors. Leaving our shoes by the front door means keeping dirt out of our indoor spaces.




Healthier home. Our shoes don’t only pick up dirt; they are also magnets for germs and other harmful organisms that live on the ground. Bacteria from public bathrooms and from bird and dog poop can hitch a ride on our shoes. Children under 2 years of age are the most vulnerable to these bacteria because they sit, crawl and play on the floor and put their hands in their mouths.


Prevents floor damage. Some floors are more susceptible to damage brought by sharp heeled shoes. Wood, for example, can easily get deep scratches or dents from stilettos. Floors will inevitably suffer from scraping. Take note that repairing damages on wooden floor is costlier than keeping a no-shoe policy.

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