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Want to zip through Paris in a scooter?

by FFE EU News staff

After the success of bike-sharing system Velib’ and its electric car-sharing counterpart Autolib’, Paris officials are thinking of applying the same system to scooters.

Authorities are planning to install electric scooter stations throughout the city, allowing scooter-sharers to pick up and drop off scooters in designated spots.

The system, called Scootlib’, is being pushed by Parti Radical de Gauche (PRG) in an effort to address the lack of parking spaces in the French capital. PRG spokesperson Fabrice Moulin said ‘It's not just a gadget. It’s about providing an alternative to the increasing number of scooter users.’

A French transport union revealed in a study that the number of scooter and motorbike users increased by 34% in the last 10 years. PRG believes that Scootlib’ will also be a practical option to those who cannot buy their own cars or scooters.

To prevent unlicenced driving, PRG suggested adapting the requirements of Autolib’. A French law introduced in January 2013 requires scooter drivers to follow a theory and practice licence programme before driving a scooter. But feasibility studies are set to be conducted before implementation.

Barcelona has implemented a similar scheme back in May with their scooter-sharing system called Motit.



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