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Watching your diet? Stay away from diet Soda

Watching your diet? Stay away from diet Soda

Study tells us why older women should drink less diet soda.


A new study once again establishes a link between diet sodas and heart attack — this time, older women are being issued the warning.


In the nine-year study involving 60,000 post-menopausal American women with the average age of 63, researchers found out that heavy soda drinkers (who drink two or more diet sodas a day) are 30% more likely to suffer heart problems than those who drink less.


While the link between diet soda consumption and heart problem is not new, Purdue University professor of psychological sciences Susie Swithers (who is not part of the study) supported the conclusion. In her study of animals eating artificial sweeteners, she said that blood sugar content could shoot up higher if artificial vs. regular sugar was consumed.


She added that diet sodas could interfere with the production of a heart-protective protein, leading to greater risk of experiencing cardiovascular health problems.


Not everyone agrees with the study though. The American Beverage Association said that other risk factors, like incidence of smoking and diabetes, were not included factored in. Therefore, ‘it is impossible to attribute cardiovascular health issues to diet beverage intake.’


Study author and University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics cardiovascular disease fellow Dr Ankur Vyas himself is unconvinced, saying ‘I don’t think these findings in and of themselves are grounds for changing any habits right now.


‘A lot more work needs to be done.’


However, the researchers said the study’s consistency with previous data should still give pause to older women before they indulge in another serving of diet soda.



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