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Ways to Increase your Property’s Value

Buying property for reselling or leasing? Finally making the move from a condominium to a home? Or scaling down from a home to a flat? Whatever your move, you need to sell your old property and sell fast in a country that’s experiencing property boom left and right. But before you can successfully sell, your property must first be worth the taking.


To make your property a hot-selling commodity, invest on improvements. Small repairs and a little gussying up of parts of your home can significantly raise its value in the market and, more importantly, attract buyers.


What can you do to improve the value of your property?


Improvement and repair hotspots




Creating an oasis in the urban jungle.


Homes with an ample yard will benefit from landscaping improvements. First impressions last, and there’s nothing more impressive for a home than a sprawling green garden with healthy and organised plots.  Gardens are the first things that home buyers see when they shop for houses. In some cases, buyers also prioritise gardens and garden spaces because they see the area as an asset – somewhere to escape and lounge in times of great stress. There are also many Filipinos who have gardening as a hobby or who use the garden to grow plants and harvest the fruits of their labour.


For property sellers who own a condominium or a property without a yard, or for those in a tight budget, the balcony can be spruced up to produce the same effect. Small indoor plants can also be kept in communal rooms like the living room or sala and the kitchen.


Simple ways to start your landscaping process is to trim bushes and mow or cut the grass. Getting rid of trash, weeds and dead plant is important since it makes the garden look more organised. You can also opt to get a professional landscape designer, but the costs will definitely be greater.


Roof repairs


No more indoor rains!


The Philippines is very prone to typhoon and seasonal rains. This makes roof repairs one of the most serious home improvement projects property owners should undertake. Don’t just focus on the outer roof – turn your eyes on gutters, downspouts and the ceiling. Owners of detached homes are the ones who are more likely to spend for roof repairs, as condominium owners can leave building repairs to the developer.


Out of all the possible ways to improve the value of your property, roof repairs might be the most expensive. Tell-tale signs of water damage on the ceiling like mildews and paint cracks will drop the value of your property. Damaged gutters are also very visible to inspectors and property buyers, which make them the first things owners must pay attention to. While roof sealants can be applied in a do-it-yourself manner, contractors may be needed to replace bigger roof and ceiling problems.


Repainting or repapering


Paradise indoors.


Adding a fresh coat of paint or replacing the wallpaper can do wonders for the interior and exterior walls of homes. Repainting is one of the cheapest ways to increase the value of your home, as the materials themselves are affordable, the labour virtually free, and the effect tremendous. Wallpapers, on the other hand, give a more colorful look in homes and apartments.


Choose white paints to give homes a brighter, cleaner and fresher look. White or off-white shades will give the illusion that the house is new and receives consistent maintenance. Adding a primer with the new coat of paint will also give the walls and ceiling a glossy, professional look. For wallpapers, it is important to avoid bubbling, misalignments and creased edges, as this will give the walls an unprofessional look.


Before condominium owners may apply these changes, they have to check with building management. Usually, flat owners are allowed to do whatever they want to do in their units, but issues with noise and smell may cause problems with the neighbours. It is better to notify management before making any changes to your space.


Updating and cleaning furniture


All that glitters is gold


No matter how attractive the interior and exterior walls are, old, dilapidated appliances and furnishings can pull the value of your home down. One quick way to update your furniture is to replace old surfaces with shiny new ones. Chrome is a powerful material that will give kitchen and bathroom fixtures, like faucets, an instant facelift. Shiny floors and countertops in the kitchen and bathroom will also give houses a smart sheen, as if the home is brand new.


Clean, polish or change rusted or faded metal surfaces. Deep clean the nooks and crannies of your home. Oftentimes, it’s the small details that dictate the overall look. Pay attention to glittering surfaces, and make them look shinier with a rub-down or professional cleaning.


Update lighting and switches