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Wedding bells set Sweden prince on church hunt

According to Svensk Damtidning magazine, Sweden’s beloved prince and third in line to the throne Carl Philip is scouting for options for the perfect wedding location. The 34-year-old prince is set to marry his partner of four years Sofia Hellqvist.

The couple in a public event together

Sources say that the prince and Hellqvist, 28, are eyeing Räpplinge Church and Gärdslösa Church in Borgholm, Öland, although no official confirmation has been released. Öland is an island set off Sweden’s east coast where the royal summer residence Solliden Palace is situated.

Lisbeth Lennartsson, head of the local municipal council in Borgholm, told Expressen she is excited about the possibility, saying that local trade will be positive if the couple gets married in the island. She added that "The King's sister Margaretha got married here and Victoria was confirmed in the Räpplinge church."

The Royal Family of Sweden

Prince Carl Philip is known for having avid followers from around the world. Buzzfeed’s May piece entitled "The Prince Of Sweden Is A Total Babe" garnered 3,000 shares on Facebook.



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