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What is the rank of the Philippines in the world in gender equality?

by FFE PH News staff

In a ranking of 136 countries on their ability to close the gender divide, the Philippines emerged 5th – 3 places higher than last year.

World Economic Forum (WEF) said in a statement ‘The Philippines remains the most advanced country in the [Asia-Pacific] region in terms of gender equality, ranking fifth in the global index. It improved as a result of advances in economic participation and opportunity, a sub-index of the report, as well as by having a strong score in terms of political participation.’

The other countries in the top five with the least percentage of gender gap are Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

The WEF’s 2013 Global Gender Gap Report ranked the countries according to their ability to close the gender gap in four key areas: economic equality, political empowerment, health and survival and educational attainment. The scores are interpreted as a percentage of the gap closed between women and men.

At the global level, 96% of health and survival gender gap has been closed. In terms of education, the gap stood at 93%, with 25 countries completely closing the gap. Gender gaps for economic equality and political empowerment were lowest, with 60% and 21% closed worldwide respectively.

Among the G20 economies, Germany placed highest in rank 14. In Europe, Spain was ranked 30th, France 45th and Italy 71st. In Asia, the leading economies China, Japan and Korea ranked 69th, 105th and 111th respectively.

The Asia-Pacific region has now closed 67% of its gender gap. However, when it comes to economic equality between the sexes, Asia-Pacific still needs to catch up with other regions as it has only closed 56%.

WEF founder and executive chair Klaus Schwab said ‘Countries will need to start thinking of human capital very differently — including how they integrate women into leadership roles.

‘This shift in mindset and practice is not a goalpost for the future, it is an imperative today.’



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