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What’s the best way to shake up relationships? Get Jailed

What’s the best way to shake up relationships? Get Jailed

These Italians asked for jail time to get even with their spouses.


A ‘wronged’ wife in Italy recently resorted to crime to take revenge on her husband.


What did the husband do wrong? He spent more time with his laptop than with his wife.


According to the 32-year-old wife, her husband had been chatting with other women, prompting her to commit a crime. After stealing a pensioner’s wallet, she turned herself in at a Bergamo police station, saying ‘Arrest me. I want my husband to know I exist.’


She warned that if the officers did not arrest here then she will fill the station with more stolen wallets. They gave in to her request and she relayed the same story in front of a judge, saying her husband’s actions damaged her honour as a woman.


Officers checked to see if the woman was a victim of abuse but found no evidence to support this angle. Meanwhile, it is not known if the wife’s acts created the desired effect on her husband.


A similar case also took place in January. This time, it was the husband who tried to escape from his wife by asking for a jail sentence.


A 32-year-old man in Tuscany had been under house arrest for drug dealing. But he soon asked Livorno police to put him back in prison to escape his nagging wife, who had been ‘particularly difficult and unbearable.’


Whether as a means to escape unbearable spouses or attempt to bring back the spark, asking for jail time is a creative way to get one’s way in relationships.



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