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What’s new in France this 2014?

by EU News Staff



New year, new rules. Here is a breakdown of what changes are to be expected in the daily lives of the French people this year:


VAT. Be prepared to pay more this year for products and services as the top rate for VAT or sales tax will increase from 19.6 to 20%. The minimum rate however will remain at 5.5% and tax on books and cinema drops from 7 to 5.5%.


Minimum wage. Minimum wage earners rejoice as the SMIC will increase by 1.1%, bringing the rate up from €9.43 to €9.53 per hour. This means that one full-time worker will receive €12 more every month.


Quotient familial. The ceiling for the family income tax break is down from €2,000 to €1,500, targeting the wealthiest families. Families with one child will be affected from household incomes starting at €58,000 annually. For those with two or three children, the rate will rise to €64,000 and €72,000 respectively.


RSA. The social welfare payment system is up by 1.3%, paying up to €499 for a single person and €749 for a single parent.


Electricity. Electricity rates are up by 2%.


Stamps. Postage stamps are up by three cents. ‘Letter verte’ now costs €0.61 while priority mail costs €0.66.


Cigarettes. A packet of cigerettes will cost 20 cents more while rolling tobacco will cost 50 cents more starting 13 January.


Public transport. Parisians have to bear a 3% rise in ticket prices. But single Metro ticket remains at €1.7 while five-zone monthly Navigo stays at €113.2.



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