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What’s the best way to quit smoking for Good?

by EU News Staff



Want to say goodbye to smoking once and for all? A recent study suggests that the best way to do it is to talk about it. University College London researchers also suggest that buying nicotine replacements, like patches and gum, from shops alone does not improve the chances of quitting.


The researchers used a population-based survey using data from UK research programme ‘Smoking Toolkit Study’ to compare how smokers seeking advisory help fared with those who didn’t.


After 10,000 people were assessed based on their success rates and methods of quitting, the researchers concluded that those who sought specialist behavioural support were three times more successful than those who tried to quit without support. Those who buy over-the-counter replacement products with no help from health professionals also have similar odds of success as those who tried to quit without support.


Team lead and University College London professor Robert West said ‘When you think that stopping smoking saves 6 hours of life for every day of smoking avoided, investing an hour or two over a 6 week period to see an NHS stop smoking advisor seems like a good investment.’


He stressed that professionals can help smokers understand how replacement products should be used to be more effective. In addition, professionals can provide access to cheaper alternatives.


The study is significant in Britain today as stop smoking services see a falling number of clients while several million Brits continue to buy over-the-counter products each year.



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