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Where are young Italians spending their quality Time?

by FFE EU News Staff





According to the 2013 World Giving Index, five million Italians using up their free time for volunteer work, especially younger people. Not only are more Italians volunteering their time, they are also spending so much more for charity.


But what’s more amazing about this phenomenon is that, according to a separate survey by Eurostat, 29.9% of Italians are at risk of poverty second only to Greece in the Eurozone.


Italian Institute for Donations president Eduardo Patriarca said ‘These volunteers represent a cross section of the very best Italians.


‘We need to follow their example to rediscover our country’s values, by putting “giving” at the centre of our actions.’


Milan is Italy’s top giving capital: 140,000 residents are found to have been giving their time for charity work. This is double the numbers since 2001. The biggest number of volunteers is also found to come from the 15-24 age group, which soared to second place after hitting the bottom in last year’s survey.


The World Giving Index rates countries’ ‘giving behaviour’ in terms of the following factors: donations to charity, volunteering and instances of people helping out strangers.


The president reminded that the season of giving is all about helping those who need aid more than ever.





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