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Where’s the best place in the world to Eat?

by FFE EU News Staff


International aid group releases list of best and worst countries to be in when it comes to food.

International aid group releases list of best and worst countries to be in when it comes to food.


International aid group Oxfam has just released an index report that lists 125 countries according to food security and, according to their measure, the Netherlands is the best place to eat.


Oxfam measured food security by answering four core questions in their Good Enough to Eat: The Food Index list. These are:

  1. Do people have enough to eat? (measured by undernourishment and underweight children)
  2. Can people afford to eat? (measured by food price levels and volatility)
  3. Is food of good quality? (measured by diversity of diet and access to clean and safe water)
  4. What is the extent of unhealthy outcomes of people’s diet? (measured by diabetes and obesity)


The Netherlands beat others, including top contenders France and Switzerland, because food in the country is relatively cheap, is varied and is of a high quality. However, the country scores poorly on obesity measures. Meanwhile, other countries in Western Europe including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Italy Luxembourg and Portugal dominated the top 12 spots.


Neither Britain (13th) nor America (21st) has made it through the top 12 places. Countries that are worst performing include Chad, Ethiopia and Angola.


The Philippines on the other hand shared the 67th spot with South Africa, Syria and Paraguay. The Philippines comes ahead of Vietnam (71st), Indonesia (83rd), Cambodia (88th) and Laos (111th) in the Southeast Asian region.


Good Enough to Eat provides a snapshot of the world in terms of food security. According to Oxfam America, the index ‘points to how there remains a significant proportion of people in many different countries that face challenges in getting the daily food intake that everyone needs.’


In conclusion, Oxfam suggests a couple of global actions needed for people to better meet their food and nutrition needs:

  1. Investing in agriculture and infrastructure
  2. Tackling climate change
  3. Scrapping biofuels which divert food to fuel tanks
  4. Improving land rights
  5. Curbing obesity levels
  6. Setting better food price regulations


The full report on Oxfam’s Good Enough to Eat: The Food Index can be viewed here.



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