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Will French language dominate the World?

Will French language dominate the World?


France has had a tough bout with air pollution and traffic in the past few weeks, leaving a lot of French in a sour mood. But a study by French investment bank Natixis might just give them cause to cheer.


French, a language notoriously well-loved by its native speakers, may surpass English and even Mandarin as the world’s most spoken language by 2050.


Based on Natixis’ findings, French is currently being spoken in the fastest-growing areas in the world, in particular sub-Saharan Africa. They projected that the number of French speakers will hit 750 million in 40 years.


However, Forbes questioned the methodology of the study, saying the figure has been based on countries where French is the official language and that the study did not take into account other languages that are spoken in the said areas.


Still, the study is timely as New York City’s public school system is currently adopting a bilingual education programme where French is emphasised. The importance of the French language can’t also be downplayed since international organisations like the UN, EU and Olympics committee have made it their official language.



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