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You won’t believe what this man in Spain did before heading to Work

You won’t believe what this man in Spain did before heading to Work

Shocking beach find stops this Spaniard just in time to save 11 lives.



A Spaniard on his way to work in Fuengirola was stopped on his tracks by a shocking find: a beached blue shark. But that’s not all, what made his experience more poignant was that he helped the shark give birth.


Antonio Calvillo said that he spotted something thrashing on the beach on his way to work. At first he thought it was a dolphin, but realised his mistake upon closer inspection.


Calvillo called emergency services and tried to drag the blue shark by the tail back to sea ‘because it seemed tired, but not injured or hurt.’ Soon, a married couple saw him and offered their help. It was then that the group realised that the shark was trying to give birth.


‘While (the shark) was thrashing about we noticed a little tail coming out of its stomach,’ said Calvillo. He applied pressure on the shark’s stomach until it gave birth to ten babies.


Calvillo said ‘They were beautiful little sharks which came out full of life and swam back towards the sea. My first thought was that if something happens to the mother at least the babies will live.’


Two passing Civil Guard officers then helped the group drag the mother back to sea. They said that the mother was able to recover to swim out on its own.


‘I’ll never forget this amazing experience,’ commented Calvillo.


Local business Dean’s Charter Fishing said that blue sharks are common off the coast of Fuengirola in the summer months.



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