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World’s wackiest beards grab the Spotlight

‘Full beard Garibaldi,’ ‘Moustache Freestyle’ and ‘Goatee Fu Manchu’ — these are just some of the 18
categories facial hair enthusiasts were able to compete in during the recently-concluded 2013 World
Moustache and Beard Championships in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany.
Three hundred bearded hopefuls from 20 countries attended the event, giving the crowd numerous
possible looks that can be achieved with facial hair.
The contestants were categorised according to the length of their beards and whether or not they used
products to style their facial hairs.
A new category called ‘Trendy Beard’ premiered this year in a bid to attract younger participants who
may not exceed one centimetre in length and must include sections that are clean-shaven.
Jeff Langum, who flew across the Atlantic to join the competition, said preparing for the event wasn’t
easy. He had to dodge zippers and seatbelts and had to comb through his beard after meals.
The honourary award ‘Beard of the Year’ was given to German TV chef Johann Lafer, who said that the
event was proof that ‘the world is growing together.’



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