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YouTube’s top wedding Proposals

Valentine’s Day may be over. But it has now evolved to be a month long celebration and, moreover love is a year-round phenomenon. Whether or not you are lucky in love at the moment, many people around the world are definitely head over heels with their significant other, so much so it pushes them to that climax called wedding proposal.


As a Valentine’s special, FFE Magazine is showing you 10 of the most-viewed wedding proposal videos found in popular video aggregator YouTube. Get ready to believe in love again as you laugh and cry to some of the most creative, hilarious and heart-felt proposals ever made:


Disneyland Musical

Happily ever after is for fairy tales. But not for this man who stages a musical in the middle of Disneyland to propose to his girlfriend, Ericka. Suddenly, Ericka becomes part of a live show that would be the beginning of the rest of her life.


Military Proposal

Carolina’s life turned upside down when her boyfriend surprised her on his graduation from the Air Force. His colleagues in the Air Force help him pop the question just in case the elated and teary-eyed Carolina mishears.


Downtown Disneyland

Jamin and Val were on a Disneyland date when they see a group of their friends dancing in a square. But to make things more unexpected, Jamin rushed at the middle of Bruno Mars’ ‘Marry You’ and joined in the epic dance. Find out how Val and Disneyland visitors reacted to this proposal.


Guy falls off building

Would you risk dying for love? Josh will… and he has given a literal twist to the phrase ‘falling in love’ to the great shock of his fiancée Brooke. Thankfully, his ‘deadly’ proposal turned out to be one of the most creative of the bunch.



Ariana, an NBA Chicago Luvabull, thought she was giving everyone her all during the third quarter performance for a Chicago Bulls game. But little did she know that her boyfriend Shane was cooking up a show-stopping and life-changing performance for her.


Home Depot

Dustin was asked by a friend to help him prepare for a party. But when he arrived at a local Home Depot looking for lumber, he instead found a group of his friends dressed up to dance. Watch as Dustin and Spencer show prove love has no boundaries.


Justin and Emily

According to Justin, proposing to Emily should be perfect. What did he do? He made six attempts, all recorded on film and viewed by Emily. But not any of those could surpass what Justin did on his final attempt at the restaurant where it all began.


Mobbed at the Americana

Justin and Nicky’s date seemed to be turning for the worst when a mysterious, beautiful woman shows up and splashes water all over Justin. The shocked Nicky asks the crucial questions like who the woman was and what she wanted. What she didn’t know was that thousands of people were in on Justin’s surprise flash mob wedding proposal.


Isaac’s Live Lip-Dub

Dancing Jews, marching bands and Skype calls at the back of a car have all changed Amy’s life for the better. Watch how Isaac’s elaborate proposal to Amy unfolds to the tune of Fil-Am hit maker Bruno Mars’ feel-good song ‘Marry You.’


Matt and Ginny

For Matt, a proposal should be as flawless as a movie. His plot involves just that… and a promise of a happily ever after. Matt’s proposal to Ginny had reached overwhelming viral status that the couple had been invited to media outfits to talk about it.


What’s your favourite proposal from the list? Share your thoughts below!



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