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Zsa Zsa on falling in love again: You can't plan that

Zsa Zsa shows off her "lovey" tattoo

Seeing how radiant Zsa Zsa Padilla is nowadays makes you wonder if that's the look of a grieving widow.

For sure, she's crying on the inside, as she misses her 'Lovey,' the late Comedy King Dolphy, every day.

It was such a delight to chat with the Divine Diva, who's a woman of substance and grace. Tito Dolphy surely saved the best for last.

What are your plans on All Saints'Day, since it's your first time without your Lovey?

I'll be abroad, but of course the family has something planned for Dolphy. Since we're a big clan, we have different schedules of visiting his tomb.

Do you still dream about him?

Only when I request it. I tell him, I wanna see you. But lately, I haven't been dreaming about him. Maybe because when I wake up after the dream, I cry. That's why he doesn't appear in my dreams anymore because he doesn't want to see me crying.

In what other ways does he make his presence felt?

When Zia and I were abroad recently, one of his fave songs, 'What a Wonderful World,' played out of the blue. It made me smile because it's his way of telling me he's just around.

Do you intend to fall in love again?

You can't plan that. It just happens. Besides, if and when a new guy comes along, he would have big shoes to fill. He should understand that Dolphy will always be part of my life. Now that I have a 'Lovey' tattoo, it might shoo away potential suitors (laughs). For now, I'm happy to just have my pet dog beside me.

What's the hardest part about raising your girls without Dolphy around?

I've been blessed that my daughters are my source of strength. Sometimes, instead of me taking care of them, they are the ones who look after me. They become very motherly. Zia and I are working on a duets album. A song I wrote for Dolphy, 'I Turn to You,' will be included. I sang that to him when he was still alive. Karylle opened her third branch of Centerstage in Mall of Asia. I told her to do more acting because actors stay longer than singers in the biz, like, I can portray lola (grandmother) roles someday, but my voice will age in time. Even if singing will forever be my passion, I can't sound the way I did when I was just starting out.

How do you feel now that you're cancer-free?

That was a close call. No doubt Dolphy whispered to the Lord to heal me. I realized that it's not only what we eat but what's eating us that matters. So I stay away from negativity in all forms.

Philippine Daily Inquirer || By Dolly Anne Carvajal- October 28, 2012 8:16 pm



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