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Zsa Zsa Padilla reignites love Life

Zsa Zsa Padilla reignites love Life

Zsa Zsa happy to mend ties with ex-husband. But could another man in her life also be making her happy?


Karylle’s marriage to Yael Yuzon last Friday has made Zsa Zsa Padilla extra joyous this March. But her happiness isn’t only the result of welcoming her eldest daughter as she walks through a new chapter in her life. Her happiness was made full by forgiving and accepting her past.


Zsa Zsa shared this photo today, saying that a huge burden had lifted during her daughter’s wedding:


Zsa Zsa Padilla reignites love Life


‘We are an unconventional family. But these days, conventional can be a rarity.


These were precious moments taken before Karylle walked down the aisle and became Mrs Yuzon. I thank God for having a hand in giving us the grace of forgiveness and love on this precious day. It’s as if a heavy burden has finally been lifted. I can finally say that I am friends with my ex-husband. As they say, everything happens in God’s time.


I am grateful to God for the greatest gift he has bestowed upon us — our precious baby girl, Ana Karylle Padilla Tatlonghari-Yuzon. I am overjoyed beyond words. God bless us all in our journey through life. May love, blessings and peace abound!’


Zsa Zsa was talking about Dr Modesto Tatlonghari, Karylle’s father. The two got married in 1980, then separated six years later when Karylle was still young. Their marriage was officially annulled on May 2011.


The singer-actress had confessed years ago that she and Tatlonghari had been civil to each other. The fact that Zsa Zsa said they are now friends may mean she is also ready to usher in a new chapter in her life. Rumour has it that this new chapter is also being graced by a mysterious, non-showbiz guy that Zsa Zsa is said to be dating.


Zsa Zsa had been sighted earlier this month being sweet and romantic with ‘a famous architect, slightly older than [her],’ said an insider.


‘Debonair, drop-dead handsome, fine-mannered… kasing-guapo ni Piolo Pascual,’ added the source.


Whether true or not, Epy Quizon said his family is ready to accept whoever Zsa Zsa welcomes in her life. Epy is the son of Dolphy, Zsa Zsa’s partner of 23 years. The couple has two daughters: Nicole and Zia, the two youngest of all Dolphy’s 18 children.


‘I know she loved my father,’ said Epy. ‘Ang sa akin talaga — and totoo ito sa lahat ng mga kapatid ko naman — kung saan siya maligaya, maligaya kami para sa kanya.


‘She’s young, she’s beautiful, she’s gorgeous, she’s sexy. She deserves all the happiness in the world.’


With a happily married daughter, a mended past and another chance at love, Zsa Zsa is indeed being showered with blessings of joy as she continues her heart’s journey of healing.


What can you say about Zsa Zsa having a new man in her life? Share your thoughts below.



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