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Zsa Zsa Padilla’s message to people who lost their loved Ones

After her visit to Comedy King Dolphy’s grave where she met a woman who recently lost her husband, Zsa Zsa Padilla had expressed her admiration for women who lost their loved ones but continue to strive in life.




‘Today I met a woman who lost her husband to lung cancer. He died at 40 years of age. Never smoked a day in his life! She said they were at Heritage to pray for her husband’s 40th day,’ Zsa Zsa posted in her Instagram account along a photo of her standing beside Dolphy’s grave.


‘I met their young children. I’m amazed with the tenacity of women who have loved and lost. I feel their pain as I listen to their stories. But I pray that one day, whatever the future has in a store for us, I know that we all deserve the chance to a new life. Praying for all women who have loved and lost,’ added Zsa Zsa.


zsa zsa


In the comment section of the post came an outpouring of sentiments from Zsa Zsa’s followers, sharing stories of how they lost loved ones. One of the commenters was surprisingly a relative of the woman Zsa Zsa met.


‘Ms. Zsazsa the woman you’ve met is my cousin. Her husband was a good man. He died before his time and we are all saddened by his death.. Thank you for being an inspiration to all women who have loved and lost, including my cousin. God bless po,’ said gara1208.


An inspiration to women who lost their partners, the 49-year-old singer remains resilient after her partner for over 20 years Dolphy succumbed to multiple organ failure last 10 July 2012.


Do you agree that Zsa Zsa is an inspiration to women who lost their partners? Share your thoughts in the comment box below:





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