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13jun sandals 20 A

Summer footwear trend: Ugly Sandals

You read that right — chunky, thick-soled sandals are in! Here are some items and tips to wear them.


Filipino Superhero Series: Panday

Do you know why PANDAY is known as the "Original Pinoy Superhero"?

whay am I always thirsty

Why am I always thirsty?

Wondering why you are always thirsty? It could be something serious or it could just you are not drinking enough


The truth about contraceptives and Filipinos

The pros and cons of different types of contraceptives and what Filipinos think about it.

29 apr 14 trycyle pedicab 2

Filipino Icon: Tricycle and Pedicab

This noisy three-wheeled mode of transportation is a staple around the country.


EU News

Nation of optimists: 8 in 10 Spaniards are happy

Despite the heatwave gripping Spain and fears about Grexit, Spaniards are overwhelmingly happy,

EU News

Bakery set to be world’s first to deliver by drone

A Spanish bakery to become the first in the world to deliver its bread by a fleet of drones.

EU News

Why you should always google the prescription given to you

Norwegian woman dies after given chemo meds by mistake


Airline gives hackers million free flight miles

Read on and know why.

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