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  • The Black Nazarene icon, surrounded by marshals wearing yellow, is protected from possible damage because of the crushing mass of devotees

    Filipino Icon: The Black Nazarene

    The religious icon that draws millions of devotees in a procession that ultimately tests the faith.

  • 29 apr 14 trycyle pedicab 2

    Filipino Icon: Tricycle and Pedicab

    This noisy three-wheeled mode of transportation is a staple around the country.

  • filipino-icon-parol_original

    Filipino Icon: Parol

    A ‘Parol’, is a Filipino Christmas lantern.

  • filipino-icon-harana_original

    Filipino Icon: Harana

    Courtship in the days of our grandparents was a long and arduous process filled with interesting customs. One of the popular courtship traditions was Harana.

  • Filipino Icon: Bagoong

    Filipino Icon: Bagoong

    Smelly but complex in texture and taste, the bagoong is a gem in Filipino cuisine. Find out why this smelly, salty condiment is a favorite among Filipino.

  • Filipino Icon- Terno 3 - Copy

    Filipino Icon: Terno

    The Filipiniana icon of stateliness and grace has had a long history of re-interpretations.

  • bayong

    Filipino Icon: Bayong

    The Traditional Filipino shopping Bag

  • filipino-icon-harana_original

    Filipino Icon: Harana

    Courtship in the days of our grandparents and their grandparents was a long and arduous process filled with interesting customs. One of the popular courtship traditions was Harana.

  • filipino-icon-kundiman_original

    Filipino Icon: Kundiman

    Kundiman is a genre of traditional love songs. These songs often express feelings of intense romance, yearning, and devotion.

  • filipino-icon-balut_original

    Filipino Icon: Balut

    Often sold as street food, Balut is simply a fertilized duck embryo. In the Philippines, everyone considers this a tasty snack during drinking (alcohol or liquor) sessions with friends.

  • filipino-icon-chicharon_original

    Filipino Icon: Chicharon

    Chicharon is a Filipino's favourite snack. Why? Well this local delicacy is crunchy, tasty, and just sinfully good.

  • filipino-icon-sipa_original

    Filipino Icon: Sipa

    Similar to the American's game of Hacky Sack, Sipa is a game that literally means "kick" or "to kick" in English.

  • filipino-icon-santo-nino_original

    Filipino Icon: Santo Nino

    The Sto. Nino is one of the oldest and most revered religious images in the Philippines.

  • filipino-icon-barong-tagalog_original

    Filipino Icon: Barong Tagalog

    The Barong Tagalog or Barong is a traditional formal men's wear in the Philippines often worn on special occasions such as weddings.

  • filipino-icon-lambanog_original

    Filipino Icon: Lambanog

    If the Germans and Czech are famous for their beer, the Filipinos are known for Lambanog.

  • filipino-icon-halohalo_original

    Filipino Icon: Halo-Halo

    Halo-Halo is a favourite dessert among Filipinos.

  • filipino-icon-pasalubong_original

    Filipino Icon: Pasalubong

    Filipinos are natural gift-givers. Filipinos will never travel and return home without bundles of pasalubongs or homecoming gifts for their loved ones.

  • filipino-icon-malacanang_original

    Filipino Icon: Malacanang

    One of the most popular Filipino icons is the Malacanang Palace, the official workplace and home to the country's superman – the President of the Philippines.

  • filipino-icon-the-balikbayan-box_original

    Filipino Icon: The Balikbayan Box

    The balikbayan box is an expression of the Filipino tradition of pasalubong, or homecoming gifts.

  • filipino-icon-ninong-at-ninang_original

    Filipino Icon: Ninong at Ninang

    Ninongs and ninangs are either a child's godparents, or they are the principal sponsors at a person's wedding.

  • filipino-icon-bunot-at-walis_original

    Filipino Icon: Bunot at Walis

    The bunot and the walis are omnipresent parts of the Filipino household's cleaning equipment.

  • filipino-icon-hilot_original

    Filipino Icon: Hilot

    Hilot is a Filipino form of traditional healing.

  • filipino-icon-philippine-jeepney_original

    Filipino Icon: Philippine jeepney

    The jeepney is a form of public transportation found in the Philippines.

  • filipino-icon-tapsilog_original

    Filipino Icon: Tapsilog

    Tapsilog is a popular Filipino breakfast meal made with cured beef (tapa), garlic-fried rice (sinangag), and fried egg (itlog).

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