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How to dry your hair without a Hairdryer


 23jun air dry hair 1

Hairdryers fall out of favour during the summer months because they unnecessarily heat up our hair and use electricity. However, going outdoors with damp hair can leave that unwanted dark patch on the back of your shirt.


Getting that dishevelled-hair look that’s trending this spring/summer season also gives more incentive to air-dry rather than blow-dry your hair.


Here are some tips by catwalk hairstylist George Northwood on how to air-dry hair outdoors:


23jun air dry hair

Long cuts are advisable this summer


  • Get the right haircut. Northwood said that cut is key when air-drying the hair. Longer cuts are more advisable to prevent frizz and to weigh down the hair.


  • Towel-dry the hair with care. Get most of the water out of the hair with thorough towel-drying. Comb through once in a while to prevent painful knotting. However, do not over-comb so that the natural texture of the hair is retained and to get more volume.


  • Use styling products fit for air-drying. To keep the natural wave of the hair, apply styling products like Redken Curvaceous and other wave or curl creams that work best for air-drying.

23jun air dry hair 2

Towel-dry thoroughly but not carelessly


  • Apply oil at the tips of the hair. For those who have fine or straight hair, Northwood recommends skipping wave cream and applying oil at the tips of the hair to keep them looking healthy.


  • Scrunch up a bit. Hair products can help give that raw, undone and dishevelled look. However, don’t overdo styling the hair as it won’t look very natural. Redken Quick Tease or other hair SPF to add more texture. But after a quick scrunch, leave the hair be.


23jun air dry hair 3

Use products that help you scrunch and tease your hair


Can you add more tips to air-dry your hair or keep it looking naturally-dishevelled this season? Share your tips below.





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