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How to keep your hands Youthful-looking

We all make a fuss about the wrinkles around our eyes and mouth but fail to pay attention to another area of our body that easily betrays our age: our hands.


As we grow older, our hands succumb to tell-tale signs of aging: the skin becomes thinner and more translucent and the veins become distinct and pop out. The worst part is the liver spots or age spots that don’t seem to go away! Unlike our face where we can conveniently cover the signs of aging with make-up, covering aging hands with gloves is not always practical.


So how do we keep our precious hands youthful-looking? Here’s what we should do:


Hand care dos


Moisturise. Like our face and the rest of our bodies, moisturiszing our hands will prevent drying, cracking and premature aging. Look for moisturisers that hydrate and repair the skin. When shopping for a product, remember that fewer formulations means more effective. Ceramides is the ingredient to look out for as it can smoothen and protect the skin.


Invest in SPF. The sun is the biggest culprit behind aging hands, increasing wrinkles and spots. Pack up on SPF moisturisers of at least 15 and use them daily.


Wear gloves when possible. Wear fashionable gloves to protect our hands from the sun. In the winter months, do not forget to wear warm mitts. When doing the dishes, wear latex gloves to protect the hands from the strong chemicals of the washing liquid. It’s also recommended to keep a pair of gloves in the glove compartment of the car because sunlight can still stream through the windshield and damage the skin of the hands while driving.

Choose gentle hand soap. Some regular hand soaps can have strong chemicals that can do more harm to the hands than good. If the skin of the hands becomes irritated or inflamed due to soap, switch brands. After washing, it also helps if we…


Dry our hands properly. Damp hands can cause the skin to chafe and crack.


Take a break from nail polish. To make sure our hands look healthy from wrist to fingertip, pay attention to the nails too. Keep the cuticles healthy by applying cuticle oil every day. Take a few days for the nails to recover from nail polish too.


Visit the dermatologist. If none of the hand care dos seem to work, then it’s time to visit your dermatologist. The problem may be something more serious like eczema or dermatitis.


Hand care products


Now that we know the hand care dos, it’s time to look at what new products are available that we can use to keep our hands moisturised, healthy and young-looking:



Estée Lauder Revelation Age-Resisting Hand Crème (£21 for 100ml)

This product is packed with SPF 15, just the right amount of daily sun protection for the hands. The crème also offers all-around protection thanks to its anti-oxidant properties, but it may take some time to be absorbed fully by the skin.


Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream (£14 for 75ml)

Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream (£14 for 75ml)

Clarins hand cream smells and feels great on the skin. It provides good moisturisation thanks to plant extracts sesame oil and Japanese mulberry. It also naturally conditions the cuticles, keeping the nails healthy. However, lack of SPF makes it more effective for indoor use.


Cow Slip Smoothing Hand Cream by Cowshed (£16 for 300ml)

Cow Slip Smoothing Hand Cream by Cowshed (£16 for 300ml)

Cow Slip hand cream is one to keep in the shelf. But its effects keep over-worked, inflamed hands feeling fresh. Anti-bacterial spearmint oil cleanses the skin and fights off aging toxins.


Hands Forward Hand Cream SPF15 by Ole Henriksen (£14 for 50ml)

Hands Forward Hand Cream SPF15 by Ole Henriksen (£14 for 50ml)

Ole Henriksen’s hand cream has a great menthol fragrance that keeps the hands smelling fresh and clean. SPF15 gives the right sun protection, and shea butter and natural AHAs help keep the skin looking bright and even.


Hand Age Defying Q10 Plus Hand Cream by Nivea (£4.45 for 100ml)

Hand Age Defying Q10 Plus Hand Cream by Nivea (£4.45 for 100ml)



Q10 is an anti-oxidant co-enzyme that has rich UV filters that reduces wrinkles. This product is also easy to absorb and great for daily use.


What other tips can you share that will keep the hands looking youthful? Do you use other products for your hand care regimen? Share your comments and suggestions below!




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