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Mayumi’s Fashion Scoop: Hairstyles for men



I hope some of you laughed. Call my sense of humour a bit corny, but saying “oh hi there” did not seem to fit today’s beauty and fashion theme.


Christmas is just around the corner. I am quite excited and I hope all my readers are too! Pierre and I have already received several invitations to Christmas parties and banquets from our friends. Interestingly enough, one of our invitations is from Pierre’s college photography guild. Yes, Pierre was in some photography organization back in the day. Anyway, I cannot tell you enough how anxious he is about seeing his old friends in this reunion. He is acting as if he is about to meet the pope! I suppose it is only normal to want to impress our friends, look good for them and the occasion. He has already planned what to wear. Now he is even thinking of getting a new hairstyle but cannot decide which one! I tell you, my husband is as weird, funny, CUTE, and maybe as vain as I am!


Therefore, to help my husband (I know he is reading this since he is my number one fan!) and all the men out there who are looking for a new hairstyle that suits them, I am going to give you three trendy hairstyles to try out!




indie cut


Hot and fresh this 2012 is the Indie cut. This hairstyle oozes a laid-back, cool, hip and trendy vibe. The cut is identified with a long fringe on the forehead and a tapered length through the back. The length on the sides should be short enough to pinch between your fingers. This suits any hair type, but looks best with curly or wavy hair. Men with fine or straight hair can use different kinds of hair products to thicken their hair or to mess it up. Yes, you heard me. This hairstyle is not meant to be neat! Typically, this style would look good if you were an actor, in a band, a teen or in your 20s, as it is a bit daring and bold. I would not recommend this hairstyle to older men, (sorry Pierre!) but if you like it, go for it!






The quiff is probably one hairstyle that keeps resurrecting itself. This hairstyle was hot in the 50s, and looks like it will continue to reign as one of the most popular styles for the rest of 2012 as well as the whole of 2013. The quiff is a hairstyle wherein hair is kept longer in front, swept upwards from the face and worn high over the forehead with the sides of the head typically short, flat or buzzed cut. The quiff can be styled in many different ways but one of the trending variations is the slick back quiff as it highlights the shape of the face as well as polishes and refines any look. This hairstyle is not for those with a thinning hairline, curly, or thick hair though. Since the hair is pulled back, this style might make your thinning hairline more obvious. If you have curly and thick hair, you might have a harder time keeping the hair in front slick and in place. This style relies heavily on hair products too so do not forget to stack up your favourite hair styling gels, hair sculpting clays and extra strong hold hairsprays.






I know what you are thinking. Long hair? So 90s! However, if Brad Pitt can do it, so can you. Shoulder length hair is actually common among men but lately it has been gaining more attention. The shoulder length haircut I am referring to however is not the unruly shoulder length haircut that looks as if you are going to the beach and surf. The new trend is shoulder length hair with a smooth, smart and sleek finish. This is perfect for those that have straight hair or manageable waves. The best way to wear this style is to have the stylist thin your hair and maintain a straight cut. Layers can be an option but they may also be harder to manage in time. This cut and style is typically fuss-free, as you do not need much hair styling products. Maybe one or two hair smoothing creams to eliminate frizz is all you need.


These are just some of my favourite hairstyles for men in 2012. 2013 will bring in new hair trends for men and I cannot wait to see what they are and tell you more about them! Watch out for that soon!


Pierre is sporting a quiff now but I would like to have him grow it until his shoulders so I can have my own Brad Pitt at home. Anyway, I hope this helps any man out there who is thinking of changing or updating his mane!


 Until next time!

Mayumi Deschanel

Mayumi Deschanel
Mayumi Deschanel




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