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Mayumi’s Fashion Scoop: Spring 2014 Hairstyles for Women


Hello everyone!


New season, new hair style. I remember when I was in university (college) in Manila, after every semestral break I would bump into my classmates almost without recognizing them because of the dramatic changes in their hairstyles. You see for most of my classmates new semester meant new hair style. Colored, curled, rebounded, you name it one of my friends have most likely done it. Now for me id say its soon spring so new season a new excuse for a new hair style.


Here are some of the Spring trends  you can choose from:


Beyonce and Kim Kardashian both look regal in their centre-parted low ponytail

Beyonce and Kim Kardashian both look regal in their centre-parted low ponytail


Long: Low ponytail


The low ponytail has been consistently seen in the catwalk because it gives a sleek finish to all types of looks. But it does not only give a graceful look, it’s also a very handy way to manage bad hair days and keep the hair neat in the most stressful moments. You can give the knot a bit of a tug to loosen the hair without losing too much shape. Central-parted low ponytails also give your hair a bold statement!


Elle Fanning and Kirsten Dunst wear flowery headbands with their up-do while Charlize Theron looks majestic in her simple side-parted up-do


Long: Up-dos


Gather your beautiful tresses and wrap them around in a bun to get the up-do look. The disheveled look is in this year, and they provide ladies with the opportunity to be more creative with their chignon by using clips, pins and other clasps. Up-dos are super-relaxed and the loose strands of hair leave a soft, feminine look and volume at the base of the neck.


Karlie Kloss with her disheveled bob and Katy Perry with her crisp bob both look ready to have fun


Mid-length: Bobs


It looks like the bob, which made a big impact in 2013, is here to stay. The bob has many looks: cropped fringes, wet and super-slick, thick, windswept and voluminous. Whatever the style, be prepared to visit your parlour regularly to keep the blunt cut looking sharp and shapely. There’s also the matter of getting hairsprays, thickening serums and don’t forget the heat protection sprays that locks in moisture!


Kristen Stewart has trimmed her thick tresses for a cute bowl cut while Rihanna goes red to add spice to her bowl cut


Short: Bowl cuts


The 60’s is making a surprising comeback in the runway with the return of the purdy hairstyle or the bowl cut. The bowl cut may have been on the receiving end of hair-raising jokes because they are very tricky to wear: some wear it like a high fashion model, while others end up looking like they have a wig over their heads. But 2014 is all about risking the cut. Add a bit of edge to the trendy look by opting for fringe bangs.


The fly-away in long ponytailed-hair and a short ‘do


All hair types: Fly-away


Whether you have long, short or mid-length hair, regardless if you tie your mane up or let loose at the sides, the fly-away or windswept look is taking 2014 like a whirlwind. Fly-aways need little washing, and will look best after three to four days of washing. But to keep the scalp healthy for all that time, use dry shampoo that can reach down to the roots then gently back-comb your hair to achieve a windswept look. Fly-aways also look great for ladies with long, braided tresses.


How the wet look is worn with long hair and short hair


All hair types: Wet look


People say we are in for a hot 2014, so it’s important to keep looking cool and always refreshed. The wet look just helps us achieve that. To get the perfect wet look, gently back-comb your hair and apply high shine serum to give that sparkling, slick finish.


Whichever is your choice of design to tame you tresses make sure you give your hairdresser a generous tip so you would always be assured of a good, lovely and satisfying hair makeover.




Hanggang sa muli mes amies!


Which one of these looks are you ready to try? Do you know other hairstyles that are trending this Spring 2014? Leave your thoughts and suggestions by commenting below!



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